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Dogs New and Updated

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Diamonds of Blanch Love Natural
Diamonds of Blanch Albiolstock Edition
Seastaff Dark angel
Wild Card's Black Beauty
Janastaff Memphis Belle
Dumbriton Out Of Aces
Dumbriton Come In Spinner
Pantycelyn Dark Knight
Janastaff The Untouchable
Jackstaff Johnny Handsome At Shirestaff
Ensbury's Little Lad At Shirestaff
Magicpower's To Lotus Lama
Lucy Tiny Tornado
Lulu's Little Angel
Buster De Met
Broncho Moon Wind
Livstaff Black Knight
Sweet Ting A Ling
Ben Mazziano
Jimbo The Gent
Melonie Marvellous
Northbull Mickey Finn
Vigstaff love His Brothers
Eshp Zvezdniy Malchik
Canaveral-Staff EDI
Kanock Lady Bowen


Owners/Breeders New and Updated

Marie-Therese Haugen
Raśl Atila