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  • There are rules for how a title should be entered, there is a link above the title field. Take a look at it.
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    If these rules cannot be respected it will only cause me more work to manualy correct this. I will also warn the users about not using the site correctly and that might cause the account to be disabled.


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NEWS: January, 2014

Were back on track again with SBTpedigree in a renewed and better version. A huuuuge thank to Andrea Strobl - the webmaster of WillieWalker.net. And of course a big thanks to those of you that have donated to help me get the site back in shape.
The donations have helped me pay Andrea for about half the work she have helped me with, and were far from done - as we have some exciting features to add to SBTpedigree.com in the future. You can read more about whats new in the News (in the menu below Help & More)
Please browse thru the menu and read whatever text is on the pages. There are a few new things and new messages!

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  • News updated January 31st.
  • Have questions? Read our Faq's here
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier "Lines"

  • COI (inbreeding coefficient) information
    • I have an offer for an online COI calculation (1 to 10 gen.) to the amount of € 300.00 (plus the cost for Andrea to make it work) - this is actually a very modest price, but anyway too high for me, so if you all really want the online COI, please give a donation and as soon as this amount is available I will buy the software ;). Donation information is on the bottom of front page. (Paypal email: admin@sbtpedigree.com) PLEASE mark the donation with COI donation. I will make a own donator list for those of you can are able to contribute to make this happen. Please read more about COI in the News -> future plans. (in the menu below Help & More)

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