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    FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Faq#1 - My account is disabled
  • SBTpedigree was relaunched January 05 - 2014. All new and old users need to request new account from the form on the front page or from th login page. You will then need to WAIT for admin to manually activate your account and send you your login.
Faq#2 - I have forgot my password and the password sent by email do not work
  • If you have not recieved an email where it says your "account is activated" with your login please see Faq#1
Faq#3 - My contact details is dissapeared. I had this saved before.
  • After the relaunch all contact information was removed, you now have to pay for having your contact information listed on the SBTpedigree.com
Faq#4 - I have enter my contact information in my profile, but i cant see it listed with my owned/bred dogs
  • This have never been visible to other than you and admin. To have your contact details visible, please see Faq#3
Faq#5 - I want to request my dog to be locked from further edits
  • There will be a request form for this soon, but for now, please send an email to admin with the request reason, and link to the dog(s)
Faq#6 - I want to edit a dog but it is locked from further updates
  • If it is your dog and you have requested it locked, please see price list for unlock fee.
  • If it isnt your dog, then the owner dont want you to edit this dog!
  • If you see false information on a locked dog, inform admin
  • If the dog is owned by you and you have not requested the "lock" (and you need to update)- contact admin
  • There might be "well known" dogs that have been locked by admin due to several reasons - the owner DO NOT have to pay for these dogs to be unlocked. They are just locked to keep the accurate information saved and prevent meaningless updated from everyone.
Faq#7 - I want to advertise my kennel affix, stud dog, litter or a dog.
  • Please click the advertisment buttons and read more about the advertisment possibilites on SBTpedigree.com
Faq#8 - I cant upload pictures
  • First, check your filetype, are you trying to upload a file we cant accept? Please only upload .jpg, .gif or .png imagefiles.
Faq#9 - I would like to have my dogs health reports on the page, is this possible?
  • Technically, yes this is possible, but i would have to manually upload the files, so i will not make this as an option just yet. (jan2014), please keep an eye on the newsarchive for more information about when this will be available.
Faq#10 - Someone is constantly updating my dog with minor changes, why?
  • The admins is constantly watching the entries put/updated on the site, and will correct the errors we see. That might be corrections in names, breeders, owners, titles, notes and so on. If your dog is repeatedly corrected, that might be a hint that your doing something wrong. (according to the sites rules)
Faq#11 - I had my account activated - and now it is suddenly disabled...
  • You might have broken some rules too often (?) without answering admin by email, send me an email and we will sort it out. I dont bite.
Faq#12 - I cant see the pop up windows properly, something is wrong.
  • SBTpedigree is tested with IE and Firefox. Some people have experienced problems with other browsers. Please use IE or Firefox with SBTpedigree.com
Faq#13 - I cant find any answer to the question(s) i have...
Faq# - What is the meaning of "Descendent from "M" Line/Family" (or other line)

More Faqs will be published shortly.