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Vanoric Voo Doo

picture of dog
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 18 Dec 1997
Land of Birth: United Kingdom

COI 8 gen: 12.947%    
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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

Phpv: Unaffected
Eyechecked year/result: 1999/ Ua
Titles: Ch.

Descendent from: M Line


Top SBT 1999/2000
Vanoric Voo Doo

COI 8 gen: 12.947%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Sparstaff Dodgy Docker

COI 8 gen: 12.088%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Sparstaff Dominator

COI 8 gen: 6.026%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Tondoo Tallyman

COI 8 gen: 8.825%
Descendent from: M-Line
Spartan Wild Thyme

COI 8 gen: 16.426%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Evil Shredder Of Sparstaff
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Spartan Victor

COI 8 gen: 2.837%
Descendent from: M-Line
Soko Tara
Descendent from: M-Family
Jamarvins Femme Fatale Of Vanoric

COI 8 gen: 14.952%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Araidh Good Intent

COI 8 gen: 4.393%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Eastaff Tally's Man

COI 8 gen: 18.346%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Sparstaff Spring Thyme At Araidh
Descendent from: M-Family
Jamarvins Lil' Shortstop
Descendent from: M-Family
Eastaff Lil' Stotter

COI 8 gen: 18.346%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Jamarvins Cloe Wellhard
Descendent from: M-Family

Mating Partners: 34
Bekanbar Be Bop A Lula
Bowtman's Double Trouble
Chiefstains La Diva Minnie
Crashkon Forever Young
Crossguns Yahoo
Danielles Jingle Bell At Jojalane
Dark Bindy of Belico
Dogan Starlight
Eastaff Nozac Sara Moon Classic
Fernstaff Equanimity Of Castlestaff
Friarstaff Lorslane
Gadkey's Jewel In The Crown
Indianstaff That's Taboo
Jacobellas Contessa At Marstaff
Kristonian Witches Promise
Ladarna Little Voice
Loyal Uptown Girl Of Eastaff
Magic Pearl At Nethertonion
Marstaff Easter Rose
Midnight Miss Suki
Mimcol First Lady
Mosstaff Mara Jade
Ryestaff Ebony Eyes
Sanquirico Hellzapoppin
Scousious Penny Lane
Sparstaff Bleepin Alice
Takilla's Best Of The Rest
The Eastern Assasin
Toscam Moonbeam
Trawden Trouble
Valglo Avensis
Valglo Picasso
Westbull Still The One
Yawyawdaz Brushed With Beauty

Offspring: 64
Bekanbar Bewitched
Belico Dark Angel of Darkestock
Bowtman's Dirty Harry
Bowtman's Double Take Of Ramblestaff
Castlestaff Viva Las Vegas
Cocca Gabanna Of Friarstaff
Crashkon Mia Ling
Crossguns Eternal
Crossguns Highland Fling At Tagstane
Crossguns Maggie Mae At Kelstock
Crossguns Pussy Galore
Dogan The Wizard
Eastaff Causing Chaos
Gadkey's Bewitched
Gadkeys Royal Handyman
Immerlachen Mary Margaret O Chief
Indianstaff Acracker
Kenmillone Natural Mystik
Knockon Dance With The Divil
Knockon Effect
Knockon Stormwizard
Kristonian Rob Roy
Kylestaff India Gemstone
Ladarna Tay Clyde Built
Ladarna Voo Doo Girl
Marstaff Dragon Lives On
Marstaff Enter The Dragon At Fergustaff
Marstaff Licence To Thrill
Marstaff Mayhem
Marstaff Moulin Rouge Ramblix
Marstaff She's Good at Maybull
Marstaff The Big Boss
Mikhas Trouble Ahead
Mosstaff Denethor
Mosstaff Galadriel
Mosstaff Pippin
Nethertonion Lady Jane
Ringerike Macho Man
Ringerike Make My Day
Ringerike Miss Money Penny
Riverstaff Hard Starboard
Rock N Roll Star For Rahoon
Ryestaff Get Up And Go
Ryestaff Goes Cowboys And Angels
Ryestaff Good Old Billie
Sanquirico Armageddon
Sparstaff Special Brew
Sparstaff Special Brew (DUPLICATE)
Sparstaff Voodoo Chile
Takilla's Taboo
Takilla's Witches Legend
Takillas Taboo
Trawden More Trouble
Valglo Albertini
Valglo Angelique
Valglo Leonardo Of Delrhos
Valglo Peacemaker
Valglo Phantom
Valglo Solo
Valglo Spartac
Valglo Virtuoso Of Vanoric
Westbull Nice N Easy
York House Marksman

Offspring Details

Siblings: 0