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Stormbull Solo - Clyde

picture of dog
Dog Data:  
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 11 Jul 2004
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Living in Country: United Kingdom

Color: Blackbrindle

COI 8 gen: 2.955%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

L2hga: Clear by parents
HC: Clear by parents
Phpv: Unaffected
Titles: WW2010, Int.Ch, Ch.UK, JW

World Winner 2009, JW, Ch.UK, Ch.SLO, Ch.SK, Ch.ESP, Int.Ch.
Descendent from: M Line
Mike Davies,
Jamie Mace and Mark Davis,

Stormbull Solo

COI 8 gen: 2.955%
L2hga:Clear by parents
HC:Clear by parents
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Knockon Dance With The Divil

COI 8 gen: 16.515%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Vanoric Voo Doo

COI 8 gen: 12.947%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Sparstaff Dodgy Docker

COI 8 gen: 12.088%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Jamarvins Femme Fatale Of Vanoric

COI 8 gen: 14.952%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Loyal Uptown Girl Of Eastaff

Black and White
COI 8 gen: 21.644%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Eastaff Tally's Man

COI 8 gen: 18.346%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Little Miss Vagabond At Jedaye
Blackbrindle and White
COI 8 gen: 7.470%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Stormbull Secret Harmony

Black Brindle and White
COI 8 gen: 4.989%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Ruffcast Midnight Madness
Black Brindle and White
COI 8 gen: 13.450%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Blitstaff Mad O'Hara
Descendent from: M-Line
Blitstaff Cinderosa
Descendent from: R-Family
Jwel's Black Jem Of Stormbull
Black Brindle
COI 8 gen: 18.283%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: R-Family
Ramshire Latest News

Black Brindle and White
COI 8 gen: 16.790%
Descendent from: R-Line
Jwel's Own Choice
Descendent from: R-Family

Mating Partners: 61
A Nice Girl de la Vauxoise
Absolutely Love Daffodil Yellow
Adria Marks of Blacksort
Aldwych Tiger Lily
Alessia Queen Ambassador Sun
All in One of Spirit-Staff's
Antroboss Summer Breeze
Asterion's Shine Nymphadora
Bad Girl Pauline At Molru (Jd)
Baily of Lucky Staffs
Bekanbar Betty Boop
braveangels firstlady
Cherabah Thdivil
Constones Ottavy at Carfury
Courtesy Title Pahet
Crossbow Fancy That
Cwmcalon Pure Magic
Dairy Felicity Cheer
Deean Ambassador Sun
Devilish Style
Devils and Fairies Dream Maker
Diamonds of Blanch Bambina
Diamonds of Blanch Girl
Diamonds of Blanch Madonna
Diamonds of Blanch Patriss Hilton
Diamonds of Blanch Precious Purdey
Diamonds of Blanch Thunder
Ferrymans Velvet Dutchess
Foxstaff Snow Princess
Gismirstaff Ocean Blue
Hallo Baby Blue Diabelski Usmiech
Hot Staff's Red Rose
itcheboren caotica anna
Janastaff Hope's Glory
Knockon Again At Crossguns
Knockon Charmed Of Crossguns
Kolmenässän Queen Of Indian
Lacoba Kronik
Lady Attitude At Moodystaff
Leger Bella Muchacha
Leger It's A Knockout
Marstaff Mystery
Mitzstaff Touch Of Class
Noble Bandit's Juke Box Baby
Ramblestaff Off The Richter
Samtan Forget-Me-Not JW
Sebsonic Damarkos Pearl Jw
Sebsonic Sweet Success
Silkstaff's Allstar
Silkstaff's Black Pearl
Staffmate Charming Chloe
Subaron Sharrann
Surestaff Ucan Do It Too
Swanky Overto Aalsue
Top Destiny Maxstaffy
Trufflestaff Narcissus
Trufflestaff Toffee Truffle JW
Viperstaff Black Venom
Wise Words
You're My Lady Daffodil Yellow
Zakstaff Velvet Rose

Offspring: 170
Aldwych Firefly At Catstaff
Anabell Still in Love von Arminius
Antroboss Moondance
Antroboss Tempesta Nera
Attitude Shooting Star
Attitude Should Be Mine
Battleaxe Storm Invader at Kaylajaz
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BlueMoonStaff Dark Storm
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Braunstaff From Hasbury
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Braunstaff Star Gazer
Braveangels i can do it
Carfury Bal Maiden
Carfury Elowen
Ceraljo Ace of Hearts
Ceraljo Thunder Cloud
Courtesy Title Aragorn
Courtesy Title Arwen
Courtesy Title Boromir
Courtesy Title Han Solo
Courtesy Title Legolas
Crossbulls Scarface
Cursus Summer Storm
Dark Solo of Spirit-Staff's
Devils and Fairies Fast as a Shark
Devils and Fairies Flash of the Blade
Devils and Fairies Flesh for Fantasy
Devils and Fairies Fragile
Devils and Fairies for el Doradostaff
Diamonds of Blanch Americaz Most Wanted
Diamonds of Blanch Cross Molly Fight
Diamonds of Blanch Delirium Crossbulls
Diamonds of Blanch Miss Maguiness
Diamonds of Blanch Paris Hilton
Diamonds of Blanch Passion VooDoo
Diamonds of Blanch Shove of Love
Diamonds of Blanch Small Pearl
Diamonds of Blanch Solo The Legacy
Diamonds of Blanch Sweet Cream
Diamonds of Blanch Thug Life
Diamonds of blanch
Eastbull All In
Eastbull Armani
Eastbull Arni's Boy
Ebony eyes de la Vauxoise
Edenstaff Irresistible Dark Lady
Edenstaff ice-cream
El Paso Ambassador Sun
Elegance of Ambassador Sun
Enter Sandman Great n Glory
Esprit Ambassador Sun
Evening Star Ambassador Sun
Every nice de la Vauxoise
Exclusive Edition Great n Glory
Exclusive Image Ambassador Sun
Extreme Edition Ambassador Sun
Eye of the Tiger Great'n Glory
Fabrehn Beellzabobs Girl
Fabrehn Boston Night
Fabrehn Cool Yer Jetts at Engladian
Fabrehn Dark Destiny
Fabrehn Midnight Dance
Fabrehn Monikas Princess
Fabrehn Murphy's Law
Fabrehn Norways Princess
Fabrehn Snipers Solo Dance
Fabrehn Take a Bow at Ginstean
Hookstaff Do It Did It Done That of Larumo
Hookstaff Dominator
I am Mr Clyde Ambassador Sun
Ice Rock Ambassador Sun
Ileen Ambassador Sun
Imperial Attila Ambassador Sun
Indigo Ambassador Sun
Iron Man Ambassador Sun
Itcheboren Crazy Dark Fantasy
Itcheboren Legend Return
JOKER COMES BACK Diabelski Usmiech
Jackal Is Comming Diabelski Usmiech
Janastaff Berserker Beauty
Janastaff Elliot Ness
Janastaff Solo's First
Jesukay Of Blacksort
Jim Bob Bruce
Jokers Jumping Best for Silkstaffs
Kegs on Legs D Afrodita Karambolo
Kegs on Legs Devil
Kegs on Legs Diva
Kegs on Legs Fifty Fifty
Kolmenässän Union Jack
Kolmenässän Unique Touch
Kolmenässän Upside-Down
Kolmenässän Urban Legend
Kyraloebis mirai
Lacoba diamonds of blanch
Lanvilla Nauti Noel
Lanvilla Twist of Fate
Leger Ladies Day
Leger Photo Finish by Ramblix JW
Leger Smart Money Here
Leger Up The Ante
Marstaff Bounty Boy
Marstaff Smokin Joe
Mellowstaff Ashanty
Mighty Staff Bond Girl
Mighty Staffs Big Ben
Mighty Staffs Brave Heart
Mitzstaff Crazy Mazey
Mitzstaff No Mercy
Mitzstaff Summer Chaos
Molru Cosmic Love
Molru I Gotta Feeling At Dunord
Moodystaff Asteria
Noble Bandit's Baby Doll
Ramblestaff Colour My Days
Ramblestaff Ebenezer Good JW
Ramblestaff Fanny F' Nakapan
Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind
Ramblestaff Mavrick McLean
Ramblestaff Miss Demeanour
Ramblestaff Solo Eclipse at Millamear
Ramblestaff Take On Me
Reigning Bulls Devils Dancin Solo
Reigning Bulls Standing Solo
Reigning Bulls The Devil Came Knocking
Sebsonic Honour Of The Gael
Sebsonic Shakira at Mat - Staff
Sebsonic Shinealight at Stormbull
Sebsonic Soul Rebel
Sebsonic Tweedle Dee
Sikaistaff Dark Temptress
Sikaistaff Dark Warrior
Sikaistaff black caviar
Silkstaff's Kalifornia
Silkstaff's Kick Off
Silkstaff's Kill Bill
Silkstaff's Kiss Of Death
Staff of the Universe of Blacksort
Staffmate Dutch Delight
Staffmate Touch Of Class
Staffmate back to reality
Towndasa Lady Chicago
Trufflestaff Black Warrior
Trufflestaff Bohani Atsu
Trufflestaff Boniti Bohani
Trufflestaff Buru At Elcostaff
Trufflestaff Monifa Kanika/WW11
Trufflestaff To Metalstaff
Trufflestaff hasina bahiti
Viperstaff Enchantress
Zakstaff Magical Maiden
Zakstaff Black Baron JW
Zakstaff Black Jax
Zakstaff Black Pearl
Zakstaff Black Velvet JW
Zakstaff Dark Knight
Zakstaff Game On
Zakstaff Going Solo Of Kilkenny
Zakstaff Toby Tobias
Zakstaff Velvet Lilly
Zakstaff What's The Story At Molru

Offspring Details

Siblings: 2
Stormbull So Wot JW
Stormbull Stell Queen