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Montbell Barbarossa

picture of dog
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 12 Feb 1977

Color: Fawn

COI 8 gen: 6.569%    
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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

Titles: Ch.

Descendent from: M Line


Sired 185 puppies From 59 Litters
Montbell Barbarossa

COI 8 gen: 6.569%
Descendent from: M-Line
Pitbul Red Regent

Red and White
COI 8 gen: 22.162%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Ban Ri Of Cuileog
Descendent from: M-Line
Jolihem Ringmaster

COI 8 gen: 7.755%
Descendent from: M-Line
Pitbul Amanda
Descendent from: M-Family
Pitbul Bullwhip Ebony Princess
Brindle and White
COI 8 gen: 25.394%
Descendent from: M-Family
Pitbul Crackerjack
Descendent from: M-Line
Pitbul Dinah
Descendent from: M-Family
Ashstock Red Buttons

COI 8 gen: 21.061%
Descendent from: M-Family
Ashstock Thornhill Prince

COI 8 gen: 13.408%
Descendent from: M-Line
Camdonian Contender

COI 8 gen: 5.177%
Descendent from: M-Line
Barrington Wild Rose At Ashstock

COI 8 gen: 12.826%
Descendent from: M-Family
Ashstock Iron Peg
Descendent from: M-Family
Dennybeck Hard Diamond
COI 8 gen: 10.714%
Descendent from: M-Line
Ashstock Artful Bess

COI 8 gen: 13.408%
Descendent from: M-Family

Mating Partners: 21
Abbeystaff Wild Mink
Alidav Chesney Solitaire
Ashstock Belle Buttons
Barpee Midnight Velvet
Belle Blonda
Bia of Thorncroft
Copyhold Wild Cherry
Cossalot April Blaze
Cradbury Flash Joanna Of Angsax
Eastaff Tiki
Eastaff Xstatic Scraphappy
Georgia Of Killyglen
Honey Bun
Jacko's Favourite Girl
Kinderdijk Petite Cherie
Latroy Petite Sophie
Lila Belle Richester
Lila Belle Richesther
Shelak Brown Girl
Shelak Hoo Dunnit
Zilabra Prima Donna

Offspring: 40
Alidav Barny Iron Lady
Alidav Bold Black Prince
Angsax Athelstan Lawgiver
Ashstock Albion Tor
Ashstock Albion Torch
Ashstock Jack Of Diamonds
Ashstock Wild Colonial Boy
Astaff Arangel
Astaff Arch Angel
Astaff Broadway Queen
Barnaby Of Morston
Boldmore Bernadette
Boldmore Blackheart Of Staffire
Boxwood Lady
Copyhold Harvey WallBanger
Copyhold Tiger Moth
Dadman's Jane
Dadmans Jane
Deleba Lady
Dellega August Pride
Dellega Lady
Eastaff Angelina
Eastaff Zany Golden Girl
Eastaff Zaphire
Eastaff Zara
Eastaff Zhou
Eastaff Zilla
Eastaff Zimba
Eastaff Zippity Do-Dam
Eastaff Zoro
Enken Bar-Nickle Bill
Honey's Red Belle
Mosspark Regency Queen
Ramblix Roussalka
Red Jack
Richester Lucky Bess
Richester Princess Shebah
Richesther Duke Of Edmonton
Richesther Lucky Bess
Shelak Dynasty

Offspring Details

Siblings: 2
Montbell Lucky Girl
Montbell Snowdrop