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Bellerophon Billy Boy

picture of dog
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 1953
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Living in Country: United Kingdom

Color: Blackbrindle and White

COI 8 gen: 3.468%    
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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

Titles: GB Ch.

Descendent from: M Line


his first CC at 16 months of age
Bellerophon Billy Boy

Blackbrindle and White
COI 8 gen: 3.468%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Quiz Of Wyncroft
Descendent from: M-Line
Jolly Roger
Descendent from: M-Line
Son o Jim

White & Brindle Pied
Descendent from: M-Line
Lou's Pal
Descendent from: J-Family
Gamesters Hot Black
Descendent from: J-Family
Gamesters Black Pilot
Descendent from: J-Line
Gamesters Good Girl
Honest Martha Le Loup
Descendent from: M-Family
Le Loup Pride
Descendent from: M-Line
Honest Joe
Widneyland Brindle Daisy
Rita Loup
Descendent from: M-Family
Widneyland Kim

Descendent from: M-Line
Freda of Burnttree

Mating Partners: 12
Bellerophon Brindle Sue
Bellerophon Nightshade Gleam
Bellerophon Pin Up Girl
Bowbrooke Bess
Club Lass
Dorothy's Choice
Eastaff Mirimba
Little Kip
Mac's Mitzi
Overnian Merry Maid
Ruf-e-Nuf Of Fulstone
Ticky of Butternab

Offspring: 18
Bellerophon Belle Star
Bellerophon Brindle Bidget
Bellerophon Brindle Bridget
Buster Bill
Eastaff Helen's Choice
Ern's Lass
Judy Of Brunaburgh
Judy Of Brunanburgh
Maid of Kinderlee
Marjorie's Choice
Overnian Inderlend
Overnian Pierrette
Paramour Of Kinderlee
Satan's Mistress
Shandy's Anne
Showmans Sue
Son Of Billy Boy
Top Hat

Offspring Details

Siblings: 1
Rebecca Of Sapling