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York House Marksman

picture of dog
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 24 Oct 2001
Living in Country: Spain

Color: Black

COI 8 gen: 9.761%    
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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

L2hga: DNA-Clear
HC: DNA-Clear
Phpv: Unaffected
Hips: A/A
Elbows: A/A
Titles: Gibr. jCh. Multi Int. Ch.

Descendent from: M Line


Vice WW 2004 Vice Svetovy Vitez 2003
York House Marksman

COI 8 gen: 9.761%
Descendent from: M-Line
Vanoric Voo Doo

COI 8 gen: 12.947%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Sparstaff Dodgy Docker

COI 8 gen: 12.088%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Sparstaff Dominator

COI 8 gen: 6.026%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Evil Shredder Of Sparstaff
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Jamarvins Femme Fatale Of Vanoric

COI 8 gen: 14.952%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Araidh Good Intent

COI 8 gen: 4.393%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Jamarvins Lil' Shortstop
Descendent from: M-Family
Toscam Moonbeam

COI 8 gen: 6.184%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Family
Bombstaff Carlsberg

COI 8 gen: 5.842%
Descendent from: M-Line
Kentee Lord Byron At Bombstaff
Descendent from: M-Line
Bombstaff Stella Artois

COI 8 gen: 7.377%
Descendent from: M-Family
Bethane Moonlight Madonna

COI 8 gen: 3.586%
Descendent from: M-Family
Eastaff Tally's Man

COI 8 gen: 18.346%
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Bethane Dark Secret
Descendent from: M-Family

Mating Partners: 28
Azure Annemone Vom Beauty Domicil
Black Ocean Of Speed Hunter
Bullcan Tiffany
Charism of Tania des Anges de la Cite Phoceenne
Chelsea de la crique du flojule
D'Spain Fuego Negro Crazy Jane
D'Spain Fuego Negro Sweeney Tood
D'Spain Fuego Negro Xena-Princess
Diamonds of Blanch Kevin
Exclusive Edition Great n Glory
Funny Girl Daffodil Yellow
Heiter Krieger Tweedledee
High Emotion Daffodil Yellow
Indira vom Wendland
Itcheboren Dugar s Lass
Kanock Heaven & Hell
Kanock Onila Richblum Tanuc
Luna del Gran Yankee
MC Performance Venus Femme Fatale
Shortyrocks Fiona Fairestofthemall
Staffgold Kiss Of Life
Staffgold Knockona Shrimp
Staffgold Shakira Naseem
Staffy Galore Lil Mo
Tabby Alpacka Lady
Timgold Princess Gold
Venus Des Guerriers Pacifiques
Zutar Aixeneta Dugar

Offspring: 62
Adria Marks of Blacksort
Aixeneta Fosc
Aixeneta Staffgolf Fada
Ashley is a bomb of the upper staff kennel
Attitude Drop Dead Handsome
Attitude Dutchess
Babygirl Marksman of Spirit-Staff's
Best Edition of Spirit-Staff's
Black Crackerjack of Spirit-Staff's
Black Heart of Spirit-Staff's
Black Ice Hole Shot Team
Bleuebell Hole Shot Team
Bling Bling of Spirit-Staff's
Bloom Hole Hot Team
Bob Staffgold Des Guerriers Pacifiques
Bone Crusher of Spirit-Staff's
Bonnie Staffgold des Guerriers Pacifiques
Bossman Hole Shot Team
Bullcan Max
Coaststaffs Everybodys Darling
D Spain Fuego Negro Glen Air More
D'Spain Fuego Negro Jack Daniels
D'Spain Fuego Negro Jameson Girl
D'Spain Fuego Negro Pocahontas
D'spain Fuego Negro Betty Boop
D'spain Fuego Negro Bombay Sapphire
Dark night de la crique du flojule
Dear Blackson des Guerriers Pacifiques
God of War Dankostaff
Hole Shot Team Blade Trinity
Hole Shot Team Bossman
Hole Shot Team Comete
Hole shot Team Basic Instinct
Itcheboren Kongo Club
Jucalstaff Beyoncee
Kiss and Touch Daffodil Yellow
La Ola Daffodil Yellow
Lady VooDoo Daffodil Yellow
Leia Princess Daffodil Yellow
Miss Merry Maid Mariatos
Miss Misty Mudd Mariatos
Miss Moonbeam Mariatos
Miss Moonshine Mariatos
Mister Man Mery Mariatos
Mister Marksman Mariatos
Old Warriors Cassandra
Old Warriors Lady Moon
Purestaff's Baby Dark Monique
Shortyrocks The Vindicator
Staffgold Angie Girl
Staffgold Arwen Elfs Princess
Staffgold Celebrian Queen
Staffgold Dark Magic
Staffgold Ginebra Warrior
Staffgold Princess Of Timgold
Staffgold Stick Phoenix Nevilstaff
Staffgold York Vooman
Staffordfire Eating Big mc
Tanuc Barracuda
Tanuc Break Dance
bob dylan de essentialstaff
hole shot team bluebell

Offspring Details

Siblings: 0