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Weycombe Dandy

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Sex: male
Date of Birth: 10 Jun 1956
Land of Birth: United Kingdom

Color: Red and White

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

Titles: Ch.

Descendent from: M Line


the Stafford 1977: At the end of his career as a Stud Dog it became evident that Weycombe Dandy was a carrier of cataracts and although it was never evident in his own progeny, as far as one knows, it is almost certain that he transmitted this disease through them if mated to another carrier with evidence showing up in the next generation.
The possibility of this dog being mated to an affected bitch makes the assumption of this dog being a carrier too weak. /Admin
Weycombe Dandy

Red and White
United Kingdom
Descendent from: M-Line
Golden Boy Of Essira

COI 8 gen: 10.486%
Descendent from: M-Line
Goldwyns Leading Lad

Descendent from: M-Line
Wheatley Lad
Descendent from: M-Line
Brindle Diana
Descendent from: M-Family
Titian of Dugarde
Descendent from: M-Family
Widneyland Little Gent Of Pynedale
Tawny of Dugarde

Red and White
Descendent from: J-Family
Weycombe Cherry
Descendent from: M-Family
Gentleman Jackson
Descendent from: M-Line
Fearless Red of Bandits

Descendent from: M-Line
Lala of Summermuir
Weycombe Judy
Descendent from: M-Family
Goldwyns Leading Lad

Descendent from: M-Line
Red Princess Of Bandits
Descendent from: M-Family

Mating Partners: 6
Bandits Red Rolandia
Bandits Red Rulandia
Frolicking Flip
Graftwood Melissande
Senkrah Sabelle
Verles Thompson's Topsy

Offspring: 11
Buninyong Caesar
Graftwood Catrina
Josid Gaffer
Josid Grenadier
Killadease Katrina
Senkrah Sabeau
Senkrah Sabutae
Senkrah Saffron
Senkrah Saphire
Senkrah Sapphire
Verles Valerie

Offspring Details

Siblings: 5
Weycombe Jenny
Weycombe Julie
Weycombe Melody Of Senkrah
Weycombe Remus
Weycombe Sentinal Of Weoley