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name sire dam sex birth year
A Wee Wink BoutyaKilvara Hot Shot Kinghill Lady male
A z LodicePeppery Cash Alet Titicaca Aporie female
A-Bomb Homars Czech Sheikastaffs Seen Ya Lookin' Dairy Cream Garlin male 2011
A-Brianne of Tarth Hammerstaff Changing Paths Ducipal Robinia-Alpha female
A-Telma Ennie Eso BonatomAbadon Garlin Elegance Fransimo Bohemia 2009
A-Touch-Of-Black Des Anges De La Cite PhoceenneJack Staffgold Daffodil Yellow Mc Performance Uprising Divinity female
A-Valkyrja Acherontia Atropos Expert Staff Impossant Bohemia Jingle Bell Impossant Bohemia female 2010
A. Black Sunday AlternativetMatrero de Jaloque Mishka de kuelap male 1998
A. J the First of Stormblade Little Earthquakes Headliner Mighty Staffs Ashley the Crown male 2010
A' Kika ButtonAnn's Toto Bravo Gerda B' Kaja z Szopy female
A'Kadosh Vladyka Nebes Brave Spirit Villrond Heiter Krieger Goldy
A'Nils male
Aalbulls Ain't Nobody But Me Lykkebo's Staff Shamrock Af Kulltorp Stora Kulltorps Genie In A Bottle male
Aalbulls AlissaAalbulls Black Russian Holstaff's Hollandse Holly Aalbul female
Aalbulls ArwenJardstaff's Famous Khan Stora Kulltorps Genie In A Bottle female 2003
Aalbulls AssassinMacadermus The Endevour Aalbulls Mojito male 2007
Aalbulls Black GallardoAalbulls Ladykiller Holstaff's Hollandse Holly Aalbul male
Aalbulls Black Pearl Boldavier Real McCoy Aalbulls Mojito female 2008
Aalbulls Black RussianAalbulls Little Sarumann Poormans Load Of Aalbull male 2005
Aalbulls Bloody MaryAalbulls Little Sarumann Poormans Load Of Aalbull female
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