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name sire dam sex birth year
Baco Off Therna Staffs male 1999
Baco Shecakiro male 2002
Baco v.'t Swift College male 2000
Baco v.d. Cormeulen male 2007
Baco v.d. Vollerswaal male 2004
BACOSTAFF UNDERWORLD Jezab Navajo at Soulreaver male 2009
Bacus male 2003
Bad ActorBarn Stormer Chorus Girl male
Bad ActorBarn Stormer Chorus Girl male
Bad Bad Leroy BrownLord Of The Valley Aberdare's Trouble male 1996
Bad Boy BrutusShivoo Little Robben Bolbo's Shaddow male 2005
Bad Boy Sama SlodyczFransimo Blue Dream Black Pearl De Presa Awangarda male 2009
Bad Boys Quash male
Bad Boys Quitsimple male
bad camilla legionarius dell Aelgifur Aelgifur Valentino queen nikita dell aelgifur
Bad Girl i Guardiani Della Grotta Black (IT) Sandys Little Princess female 2010
Bad Girl Pauline At Molru (Jd) Hellstaff Mr Wonderfull Trueblend For Pleasure female 2006
Bad InfluenceFulfin Black Eagle Black Bull male
Bad InfluenceFulfin Black Eagle Diamond of Jolihem 1988
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