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name sire dam sex birth year
B-KarmaBoris Troya female 2013
B-PedroBoris Troya male 2009
B.Bardot BuldozerDurango Daffodill Yellow Luna-Lust Buldozer female
B' Kaja z SzopyCardinal Tabat Fantasy Radikal female
B'nikitaValdo vortex du domaine du mas den ribe female
Baasha Towmax The Hunk Thorax Ilora Hilde male 1995
Baasha Petra Of Thorax Vanity Venus of Boehringers Thorax Ilora Hilde female
Baasha SireonBaasha Baasha Petra Of Thorax female
Babbets Midnight Lady female
Babbets Midnight LadyBruiser Of Babbet Wanga Slay female 1979
Babbo male 2001
Babe female 2006
Babe (DK) Battle Peak Dazzling Dannyboy West Lund Bossie female 2006
Babe Of Yankeestaff female
Babet Joe The Boss Princess of the Sicilia male 2009
Baboesjka Reza V.D. Vollerswaal female 2006
Baboon del Clan de Versailles female
Babs Francisca's Gizmo Hayend's Timber female 2001
Babs Of Dutch Bull House female 2000
Babs V. Canna Lito female 2007
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