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name sire dam sex birth year
O Basca Bee-Master Pollio z Hambalek Busin Bikers Macy Gray female 2012
O Hanna BrabanterMister Marksman Mariatos Lara Croft Brabanter female
O'BoyTackle Bellum male
O'Flynn's (Evergreen) Patsy O'Flynn's Old Peggy female
O'Flynn's Old PeggyCrotty's Sam Crotty's Bitch female
O'Laffy Taffy Boy Sama SlodyczFantastic falko des terres d europe Baila Mi Amor Sama Slodycz male 2014
O'malleys Pridealverthorpe brindle boy maiden of spring male
O'Mally Of The Browndeanlaws Bullyboys Bullyhouse Mc Tavish Jemina Puddle Duck Browndeanlaws Bullyboys male
O'NeillDylan Fleanensi (IT 2002) female 2004
O'reilly Wonder Boy Evertons Mystery Miss Pearl male
Oafeen DubhBelnite Black King Bronchonian Spring Clearly female 1980
Oak Head Of Lakeland female 1981
Oak Prieds Tonkas Girl Penosk You've Been Tonkered Semloh Guinevere female 1999
Oakhammer AvalancheJolihem Dreadnought Oakhammer Brindle /Brindis Quizz male 1970
Oakhammer Basela Golden IdolJolihem Rebel Fire Queen Of Jolihem female
Oakhammer Brindis VenomBrindis Karron female 1969
Oakhammer Brindle /Brindis Quizz female
Oakhammer CentaurJolihem Ardent Boy Oakhammer Gorgeous Gussie male
Oakhammer CenturionJolihem Dreadnought Oakhammer Brindle /Brindis Quizz male 1970
Oakhammer Dolores Of Curfews female
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