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name sire dam sex birth year
MaaiaNiccyn Portos of Sylon Sylon Red Ruby female
Maane (Måne)Ninevah Connoisseur's Battle Cry's Rise'n Shine female 1999
Maaroof Sheba female
Maartje female 2000
Mäbel v. Manensheide Helsem's Rising Star Ginger V. Manensheide female 2000
maberin betty
maberin betty
maberin betty maberin ice-demon Tana de Chinos Pit female
Maberin Black-MoonPirineo Aragones Lord Maberin Chinos Pit Ice-Blue female
Maberin Darkness pirineo aragones sercan maberin Maberin Perfect Simetry male 2011
maberin eclypse maberin ice-demon pirineo aragones baguira maberin male
maberin hanuman
maberin ice-demon Pirineo Aragones Lord Maberin chino pit iceblue male
maberin kongo Tana de Chinos Pit male 2009
Maberin Perfect Simetry Belnite Ambrosius at Dugar De Baladrar pirineo aragones wendy maberin female
maberin small beauty Northpoint's Public Relations maberin betty female 2013
Maberin Storm Pirineo Aragones Lord Maberin chino pit iceblue female 2008
maberin venom Pirineo Aragones Lord Maberin chino pit iceblue
Mables Christmas CrackerOne More Time Roberta Rose female 2006
MacBilly Floss male
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